Just a few years ago, adding AI to your products or services required a team of data scientists, volumes of data, and a bunch of computers.

Today, however, adding AI to your applications requires just a few lines of code, or — in many cases — no code at all.

Unfortunately, most software developers, IT professionals, and product managers have not yet learned how to leverage these new easy-to-use AI tools and techniques.

In this upcoming series of articles, I’m going to introduce you to several of the most popular AI tools that are now available in the modern AI…

In the book The Power of Habit, author Charles Duhigg discusses the idea of keystone habits.

We all have a multitude of good habits and bad habits in our lives. However, some habits have a cascading effect on other habits. Essentially, some habits positively reinforce all of the other habits in our lives.

Over the past few years since I read this book, I’ve tried to identify the keystone habits in my life. They have appeared most noticeably when frequent travel for work disrupts my normal daily routines.

However, being stuck at home for most of the year during the…

How should I invest in an AI-first economy?

As a Data Science Consultant, I get asked this question quite often. Surprisingly, my advice for investing in the era of AI is identical to my pre-AI investment advice. The only difference is that investing in our economy is now more important than ever as returns to labor continue to decrease and returns to capital continue to increase.

Please note that I am not a financial advisor and I do not offer any financial services. However, because I get asked this question so often, I decided to document my top 20 investment…

2020 has truly been a strange and confusing year. We’ve dealt with a global pandemic, civil unrest, political turmoil, and campaigns of misinformation in news and social media.

Personally, I’ve struggled to understand exactly what has happened this year and why. Many educated people I know and respect have promoted wild political conspiracy theories, COVID-19 misinformation, and hostile racial ideologies. Yes, this has been a truly baffling year for me on many occasions.

However, when I’m confused about something of this much importance, I tend to seek out information, educate myself, and then help educate others. In addition, since I’ve…

Over the past few years, I’ve started using a few wearable devices on a daily basis. It started as a desire for real-time biofeedback while meditating. Then, I became curious about my long-term health trends. Today, it’s also about beginning to embrace our more data-driven “ Techno Sapien “ future.

However, I focus only on the devices that will significantly improve my life. If a wearable device isn’t providing actionable insight or becomes distracting, I don’t use it. Otherwise, it’s just too easy to fall into a consumerist trap of purchasing the latest shiny and new “gadgets”.

So, to help…

Will humanity become obsolete in the Age of AI?

Over the next few decades, we will likely see a fundamental transformation of our world as a result of AI. During each of the previous technology revolutions, some aspects of society faded into obscurity, while others became so common that we now take them for granted.

For example, nomadic tribes, the horse and buggy, and analog data all gave way to cities, the automobile, and digital computers. Similarly, in the Age of AI, some things will become obsolete, while others will become the norm.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to predict which…

With great power comes great responsibility.

Over the past several years, we’ve developed a few new superpowers as a result of modern AI. These new AI-enabled superpowers have led to some rather concerning legal, ethical, and social issues.

For example, we can now manipulate consumer purchase decisions based on a customer’s behavioral profile. We can now generate propaganda and fake news on an unprecedented scale. We can also impersonate politicians, celebrities, and executives with deep fakes. And this is all possible with today’s technology — the next generation of AI tools will likely lead to even more significant ethical concerns.

Who will be the world’s first trillionaire?

Every year, returns to capital investments continue to increase while returns to labor continue to decrease. In addition, the disparity between productivity and hourly income continues to grow larger. Essentially, our labor is getting cheap while automation is becoming highly profitable.

As a result, many experts think that the world’s first trillionaire will be created by wealth generated from investments in AI. But how can those of us who are not Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos invest in an AI-first economy?

Here are my top five recommendations:

Invest in Yourself First

The best investment you can make…

Why is education important during the AI tech revolution?

Over the past few millennia, humanity has gone through several major technological revolutions. During the agricultural revolution, we had to learn how to farm, domesticate animals, and use a plow. During the industrial revolution, we had to learn how to use steam engines, machinery, and electricity. During the information revolution, we had to learn how to use telephones, computers, and software.

As we enter the next major technology revolution, humanity will once again need to update its basic skill set to function in this new AI-powered world.

So how should you…

Will AI replace my job?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked regarding the future of AI and employment. However, no matter what career you have, there are things you can do now to prepare for the coming way of AI automation.

There are three main paths, depending upon how deep you want to work with AI technologies in your day-to-day job. We’ll start with the most difficult and work our way down to the easiest and most general path.

Training AI Models

If you want to go deep in the field of AI you can learn to train…

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I’m a data science consultant, author, and public speaker. I’m a Microsoft MVP, an ASPInsider, and a Pluralsight author. I’ve taught over 250k devs & IT pros.

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